Wise Agent Integration Manual

1. Initial Setup

The initial setup of the integration between Mojo and Wise Agent happens on the Wise Agent side. A customer must hold both a Mojo account and Wise Agent account.

The steps to initial setup:


1.     Customer logs into Wise Agent account

2.     Customer selects one or more contacts and clicks on Add to Mojo action in Action dropdown

3.     The Mojo Authentication page is opened for the customer to input his Mojo Pin, Login and Password

a.     Potential Error: due to limitations in further dialler operations Dialing rep-permission level Mojo agents should not be connected to Wise Agent.

4.     At this point, using the OAuth protocol Mojo and Wise Agent exchange access tokens that will be later used for sending requests (example requests are - to create a contact, send a call result, update a phone number, etc)

5.     At this point, if no errors were encountered the customer can start using the integration

a.     Potential Error: if the Mojo account is already connected with a different Wise Agent account, the process will fail to proceed, until the currently connected Wise Agent account signs out (revokes) the integration. This can be done by using the Reset Credentials button on the Add to Mojo page


2. Syncing Contacts to Mojo

Text in Bold and Italic is used for technical details that are not yet confirmed, but will be changed in the future.


Once step 1 (Initial Setup) is successfully completed the customer can sync contacts to Mojo.

The steps to syncing contacts to Mojo:


1.     The customer selects an existing Mojo group or creates a new one

2.     With the group and contacts selected the customer clicks on the Add to Mojo button

4.     Fields that are synced - name, address, phones, emails, notes.

5.     After the contacts are successfully sent to Mojo a new tab opens with Mojo automatically. The customer would land in the powerdialer section of Mojo with the group pre-selected (on My Data in the new design, with the group selected). If all necessary settings are already set-up (for example callback message, VM message, etc) the customer can click Start Dialing and proceed with his dialing session.


3. Syncing Contacts and Contact Updates to Wise Agent

2-way sync is available with Wise Agent. The idea of 2-way sync consists of 3 activities. The first is syncing of a contact to Wise Agent and the second is syncing of call logs and contact changes to Wise Agent. The last one is syncing of events, created in Mojo to Wise Agent


4. The steps to syncing contacts to Wise Agent:


1.     If a customer’s Mojo account is connected to a Wise Agent account, a Send to Wise Agent button appears in the contact form.

2.     Clicking on this button will send the contact to Wise Agent. Name, address, phones, e-mails are sent.

The steps to syncing call logs, contact changes and events to Wise Agent:


1.     When a contact that originated from Wise Agent or has been sent to Wise Agent is called within a dialing session, the call result is sent to Wise Agent

2.     The call result is sent in the form of a note, specifying the call results that was received in Mojo

3.     When a phone/e-mail is edited/added, name/address changed, notes added in Mojo to a Wise Agent contact the updated information is sent to Wise Agent

4.     When an event (appointment, todo, follow-up call) is added to a contact (which has been previously synced to or from Wise Agent) in Mojo, it is synced to Wise Agent as a Call List event.

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