Call Me Feature

Call Me is the optional Mojo Power Dialer add-on feature that allows users to avoid long distance phone charges.  Without this feature, you have to dial a 603 area code phone number to connect to the Mojo Power Dialer server; once connected you will be on the call to the 603 number during your entire Power Dialing session -which could get expensive depending on your phone's calling plan.

With the Call Me feature, our server will call you instead; under most calling plans, long distance charges don't apply to inbound calls. 
Use the following procedure to add the Call Me feature:

  1. Login with an owner's account.
  2. Click the Account link.
  3. Click on Subscriptions on the left. Click the plus + button to add a Call Me Subscription which will then prompt you to assign the feature to an agent. 
  4. Confirm your purchase, this feature will be available right away. 
  5. When starting your dial session, the user with the Call Me Feature will have an option to use the call me mode and enter the phone number they wish to be called on. 

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