Using Calling Profiles

Adding a Calling Profile

Calling Profiles are optional, but are helpful when you are coordinating with multiple Power Dialer users. 
Use the following procedure to add a Calling Profile in Mojo:

  1. Click the Data & Dialer button.
  2. Select a List or Group and click the Power Dialer button.
  3. When the next dialog box opens, set your Call Settings.
  4. Click the Save Profile As button to save the settings as a profile.
  5. Enter the Profile Name in the dialog box and click the Save button to save the profile with the entered name.

The calling profile will now be available for future Power Dialing sessions. From the Data and Dialer screen you will see Calling Profiles on the bottom left. Click the green phone icon to the right of the profile to begin dialing. 

Notes: To edit a profile simply create a new profile and delete the original one.

Deleting a Calling Profile

Use the following procedure to delete a calling profile when it is no longer needed:

  1. Click the Data & Dialer button.
  2. Click the Three vertical dots to the right of the Profile name
  3. Click the Delete button.


Sharing an Existing Calling Profile

Sometimes you will want to share a calling profile, for example, if you are in a multi-agent account and you have users on the account who will call the same data set. To share a calling profile, simply follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to the Data & Dialer page. 

2. In your list of existing profiles, three vertical dots to the right of the profile name:

3. Select Share and then choose which agents you would like to share the Profile with.

4. You're done!

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