Call Result Definitions

There are a total of 15 potential call results using Mojo. 

7 Call Results are manually set by the user using Mojo's Call Result buttons. 

The remaining 7 results are automated and applied by the Mojo dialing system directly. 

Below is the entire list with definitions. 

Manually Set by User:


Contact is used when you make contact with your target; depending on the conversation, you may also want to update the contact's List or Group classification.

No Contact Next Record is used when you have not made contact with your target and want to move on to the next record. 

No Contact Next Number is used when you have not made contact with your target and want to try the next available phone number on the record, before moving on to the next contact. This button is only available when there is more than (one) available phone number for the contact.

Bad Number is used when the number is no longer in service or the number does not reach the desired contact; this call result will remove only the number that was dialed; the contact and other numbers will remain in the calling list.

Voicemail: is used when you reach a contact's voicemail/answering machine to leave a message 

DNC Contact is used to flag not only the contact's record but all associated phone numbers as Do Not Call (DNC) so if the record has 3 phone numbers all 3 phone numbers will be flagged as DNC.  

DNC Number is used to flag just the number that you are connected to as DNC; if there are other phone numbers, those numbers can still be dialed.

Skipped is shown when the caller has selected/hit the 'x' in the call box prior to connecting the call. This skips the current call and moves to the next number.


Automatically Set by Mojo:

 No answer is used to indicate Mojo dialed the target number using the set amount of rings in your settings and the call was never connected.

Incomplete is shown when there is a live connection and the user either closes their browser before applying the correct last call result button OR they lose their internet connection.

Fax is shown when our automated fax detection detects a fax tone.

Disconnected is shown when our automated detection detects a disconnected tone.

Busy is shown when our automated detection system detects a busy tone.

Other is shown when the tone detected on a call is not recognized by the telecommunications SS7 signaling code base.

Answering Machine is shown when the user is on a live call and one of the remaining lines reaches an answering machine. In this case, Mojo will not drop a pre-recorded message because it was not a live connection, it will simply hang up the line. 

Note:  If N/A or Incomplete is listed under the Activities section in the contact screen or the call reports, this means that the caller hung up the phone and a call result status button was not selected OR there was a broken connection between the user's browser and the Mojo system during the call (internet issue).

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