Neighborhood Search

Neighborhood Search is our freeform or radius geographical search tool that allows you access to Mojo's entire residential U.S. database to create targeted calling lists perfect for Just Listed/Just Sold prospecting. 

Use the following procedure to use our Neighborhood Search:

  1. Click the Lead Store button.
  2. Click the Buy Now button to purchase. 
  3.  Once purchased click the Neighborhood Search button located on the Data and Dialer section.
  4. You will be prompted to allow your location to be known. Please allow this to have the best experience with the Neighborhood Search.
  5. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the type of search you want to perform. Freeform Plotting, Radius or Street Search. 
  6. In the top center of the screen, enter type the address you would like to call around. You will be prompted with a suggestion for your address. Click on the suggestion that fits the address you typed in to take you directly to that location
  7. Select the "Don’t want to see your past mappings?" checkbox if you don't want to view the areas where you previously imported leads (shaded).
  8. Select any filters you would like before or after searching your area. Your total contacts found will be displayed based on the filters you selected.
  9. If you selected Freeform Plotting, single click on the map to place a point. Each point you make will connect to each other. Once you have an area plotted out you can click on each point and drag in or out to decrease or increase your area.
  10. If you selected Radius Plotting, single click on the location you previously selected in step 6. A shaded circle will appear over the property. You can click and drag any of the exterior points to either increase or decrease your radius. Click the center point to move your radius circle to another location on the map.
  11. If you selected Street Search, after typing your address you may be prompted to enter the zip code of the address to ensure the correct location. After entering the zip code and clicking confirm, your results will appear in the bottom left-hand side of the screen for that specific street.  
  12. In the area, you selected in the previous steps you can view PINs on the map that identify properties that we have information for.
  13. The Pins will be displayed as little houses or bubbles with the number of houses in that area.
  14. Clicking on a PIN will display specific property information on the lower part of the screen.
  15. Once finished selecting your area or selected a street, review any filters you have Selected as well as the total contact count prior to clicking the Import button. Your data will be automatically scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List unless you check the box to include them.
  16. After clicking Import you will be prompted to enter a new list name or select an existing calling list to add to. If there are duplicates found in your database you will also be prompted with how to handle them. Based on your selection for handling duplicates we will display a description of what will happen.
  17. Click Finish Import when done. You will be prompted to either click My Data to see the list you imported or click Back to Map to perform another search.
  18. After your file has been imported, each contact will have a property tab with valuable tax property information.


*You are limited to searches of no more than 5000 properties per search*

*You are limited to 25,000 properties that can be imported during a calendar month*

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