Calling Scripts

You can create your custom calling scripts inside Mojo. Once created, you can choose to display the script when a live answer occurs. The script pop can happen automatically when the live answer happens, or you can toggle between normal view and script view using the 'Show/Hide Script' button on the contact form. 

Adding Calling Scripts

Use the following procedure to add a Calling Script: 

1. Click on the settings button found by clicking Menu on the bottom left of the Mojo screen. 

2. Click on the Scripts and Forms tab and select Scripts on the left menu, and then click the 'Create Button'. 

3. Enter Calling Script name. 

4. Enter the script text inside the text box. You can type text, copy/paste text from another source and use any of the <anchor tags> availabe in the right hand column. When using <anchor tags>, the information for the contact related to the tag, will auto populate in the script where you place the tag. For example, if you place <first name> field in your script, it will populate the first name of the contact in the script when they answer the phone. 

5. Once you've completed your script text, you can press the save button at the bottom of the form. 

How to Use Your Calling Scripts

Use the following procedure to select the calling script you wish to use during your calling session (if desired): 

1. During the setup phase of your call session, navigate to Advanced Settings. 

2. Choose the script you want to use during your calling session. 

3. Choose whether or not you want the script to auto-populate on live answer by checking the box "Automatically show calling script on Live Answer" 

Note: If you do not check to automatically have the script populate, you will still be able to show the script via the 'Show/Hide Script' button. 

4. Once you have selected your Calling Script, the script will be available to you during your call session.

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