Exporting List/Group Data

Your list and group data can be exported and downloaded in file format on your computer. 

*Important - Neighborhood Search data from Mojo is not exportable due to license restrictions with our provider.

Exporting Instructions:

1. Go to the Data/Dialer area of Mojo. 

2. Select the list/group you would like to export. 

- If you want to export all records in list/group, select the 'select all' box at the top of the grid. 

- If you only want to export some records from a list or group, simply select any row data in your view.

3. With your list/group or individual records selected, hit the Export button at the bottom of the data grid.

4. From the pop-up, choose which fields are exported when you export your data. Many clients do not require a complete data file - instead- they often only want the main contact details and history.

5. The file will be named (Export) and will be available in your computer's downloads folder. 

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