Commissions INC (CINC) Integration Manual

1. Initial Setup 

The initial setup of the integration between Mojo and CINC happens on the CINC side. A customer must hold both a Mojo account and CINC account.

The steps to initial setup:

 1.     Customer logs into CINC account

2.     Customer selects one or more contacts and clicks on Add to Mojo action in Action dropdown

3.     We anticipate that the Mojo authentication would take place here or in Settings -> Integration -> Mojo section (we are not sure as it is still in Beta on their site and we see only that for customer who want to enable Mojo they first need to e-mail CINC support)

a.     Potential Error: due to limitations in further dialler operations Dialing rep-permission level Mojo agents should not be connected to CINC.

5.     At this point, if no errors were encountered the customer can start using the integration

a.     Potential Error: if the Mojo account is already connected with a different CINC account, the process will fail to proceed, until the currently connected CINC account signs out (revokes) the integration. This can be done by using the Reset Credentials button on the Settings -> Integrations Page -> Mojo

2. Syncing Contacts to Mojo

 Once step 1 (Initial Setup) is successfully completed the customer can sync contacts to Mojo.

The steps to syncing contacts to Mojo:

1.     The customer selects an existing Mojo group or creates a new one

2.     With the group and contacts selected the customer clicks on the Add to Mojo button

3.     Upon the loading of the page in the previous step a request is sent to Mojo, pulling in all of the customers groups. If the customer selects to create a new group a request is sent to create a new group in Mojo

4.     Fields that are synced - name, address, phones, emails, notes, misc fields.

5.     After the contacts are successfully sent to Mojo the customer would need to open Mojo in another window/tab, select the group that was selected for sync and start working with it/dialling


3. Syncing Contact Updates to CINC

2-way sync is partially available with CINC. Syncing of call logs and contact changes to CINC are supported.

The steps to syncing call logs, contact change to CINC:

1.     When a contact that originated from CINC is called within a dialing session, the call result is sent to CINC

2.     The call result is sent in the form of a note, specifying the call result that was received in Mojo

3.     When a phone/e-mail is edited/added, name/address changed, notes added in Mojo to a CINC contact the updated information is sent to CINC

 3. Syncing Contact Updates to Mojo

1.     Each contact that is sent to Mojo has a contact_api_id

2.     When an existing contact is sent (i.e a contact with the same contact_api_id exists in the database) the name, address, city, state, zip are updated, notes appended and the contact is moved to the group into which contacts are being synced (in case it is located in a list or a group, which is different from the one into which it is synced)

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