Power Dialer Configuration

Mojo's Power Dialer is versatile and can be configured differently for each calling session that is initiated. You can easily call ALL leads in your list/group, from top to bottom, call ONLY from where you left off, including any new leads (ignoring previously dialed leads until you reach the end of the list), and even used custom dialing filters to slice and dice your list, based on many different call driven data points- very useful for complete list saturation.

  The following is an overview of the available configurations:

Call Settings

Select each of the Call Settings: 

Caller ID- Select the Caller ID you want to use during the calling session; if you have subscribed to a Mojo Voice number, the number will be included in the options.

Voice Mail Message- Select the Voice Mail message you want to leave during the calling session. 

Callback Message- Select the Callback Message you want to use during the calling session; a Callback Message is required if you are dialing with more than one line. 

Ring Count - Select the number of rings you want to wait until disconnecting and moving on to the next call (6 or 7 rings will probably result in more connections with answering machines or voicemails).

Number of Lines - Select the number of calling lines you want to use. 

Call Hammer - Turning this feature on will call all available numbers for a record until a contact result is chosen OR no more numbers are available to dial before moving on to the next record.

Voicemail Call Hammer- Turn this feature off if you do not want the Call Hammer to engage dialing secondary numbers when the Voicemail button is clicked. 

Do Not Call Mobile Phones - This option will ensure phones mapped to the mobile phone column will not be called. It is up to the user to properly map their mobile phone fields during import. 

Easy Calling Mode

Select one of the Easy Calling Mode options

  • Call this list from where I last left off starting with new leads first (popular for expired and off market data): In this mode, Mojo will call the list you are loading, from the point you last left off in a previous dialing session, and give priority to any new leads since your last dialign session. This ensures you don't accidentally dial people you called in your last dialing session and ensures total list penetration.
  • Call this list from top to bottom regardless of where I last left off (in order from newest to oldest): In this mode, Mojo will disregard where you last left off, and start at the top of the list and work from newest to oldest records until you reach the end of your list.

Optional Dialing Filters

Select the Optional Dialing Filters button to use additional filters to further target your calling session:

  • Stop Call Attempts - Select max attempts or an attempts range for the contacts you wish to call. (ie. Enter 10 in the 'To' box to only call records from 0-10 attempts)
  • Not Dialed - Select the time frame to dial only the records that you have not dialed with Mojo within the selected time frame. 
  • Not contacted - Select the time frame to dial only the records that you have not made contact within the selected time frame. (Great for ensuring you contact your SOI and Past Clients during certain intervals)
  • Drop Msg Skip - Select all messages or a specific message to call only the records where you have not left the selected recorded message(s). (Great to ensure you don't leave time specific, or event specific messages twice on a contacts voicemail system)
  • Create Date - Enter the date range to call only the records created within this range. *Reverse date checked will dial from Oldest to Newest*
  • Status Change- Enter the date range to call only the records with a Status Change Date within the entered range.*Reverse date checked will dial from Oldest to Newest*
  • List Price - enter the minimum and maximum property list price.

 Auto Send Emails

Use the pulldown lists to setup parameters to send emails based on selected Call Result and Email Template. Using this feature, Mojo will automatically send emails to each person you call, who has an available email address, based on the last call result chosen. For example, if you have an email template "Nice talking with you", mapped to the "Contact" last result, each time you press the Contact last result, the contact you are speaking with will receive the email "Nice talking with you".

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