What ring count should I set the dialer for?

When prospecting with Mojo we give you the option to set the amount of rings Mojo will dial before considering the call a No Answer result. This happens automatically in the background and really adds to the efficiency of prospecting with Mojo. 

There are no hard rules, however, here are some guidelines:

4-5 rings: This is the most common option used when the goal is to only talk to live people and avoid as many answering machines/voicemails possible. 

6-7 rings: This is most common option when agents want to ensure they exhaust every call and they are accustomed to leaving messages when             answering machines/voicemails pick up. 

If you are using the 4 ring cycle and feel your contact rate is too low, we strongly urge you to increase it to 5 rings if calling landlines and 6 rings at a minimum if calling mobile phone numbers. 

Please Note:

While the dialer is making calls and counting rings, it is counting them on our side, not the targets side. It is often the case that the first ring or two is counted during the time it takes for the cellular network to locate the subscriber you are calling, in return, making your 4 ring cycle more like 2, resulting in fewer contacts. This is true for ALL calls made to mobile phones, whether in the Mojo system or otherwise.

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