Voicemail and Call Back Message Configuration

Recording messages for Mojo Power Dialing is handled from the Settings screen which you can get to by clicking Menu on the bottom left of the screen. Two types of messages can be recorded:

  • Drop Voicemail - Creating your Drop Voicemail messages for Power Dialing is optional.
  • Callback - At least one Callback message is required if you are Power Dialing with multiple lines. The Callback message is played to one of the call recipients in the rare occasion when more than one person answers the phone during a multi-line Power Dialing session. This message plays within 2 seconds of the live answer. When you are done with call one (the reason you couldn’t take call two), the system pauses your calling session and places a call back to the person who heard the Callback message. 

When recording your message, you may want to include this information in your message: 1. Your identity 2. That you will be calling them right back and 3. Your call-back number in case they want to opt out of any additional calls. These are custom messages you will be recording yourself, and how you construct your message is up to you. If you have more than one agent on your account that will be multi-line Power Dialing, you will want to have them record their own Callback message.

Here are some tips when creating your messages:

  • Make sure to allow microphone access to either your phone or your computer.
  • Use the highest quality microphone or headset whenever possible to create your messages for a higher-quality recording
  • Record separate messages for different calling list types to create a personalized touch
  • Leave clear upbeat messages with your phone number
  • Make sure your phone can receive inbound calls directly

Use the following procedure to record your messages:

  1. Click the Settings button located by clicking Menu on the bottom left of your Mojo.

  2. Click the Dialer/Mojo Voice link on the left menu, and then click either the Callback or Drop Voicemail link. 

  3. Click on the Add Drop Voicemail button to create a voicemail message, Choose whether you want to record your message via your mobile phone with a QR code or via your computer microphone.
  4. If you choose to record via your mobile phone you will have a QR code that you scan that will take you to a dedicated website to record your message. You will need to allow permission to access your mobile phone's microphone. If you choose to record via your computer you will be prompted to name the message and allow access to your computer's microphone.
  5. Click on the Add Callback Msg button to create a callback message, enter the required fields in the dialog box, and then click the Create button. 
  6.  When you record your message there is no need to delay before speaking your message.

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