Boomtown integration Manual

1. Initial Setup

The initial setup of the integration between Mojo and BoomTown happens on the BoomTown side. A customer must hold both a Mojo account and BoomTown account.

The steps to initial setup:

1.     Customer logs into Boomtown account

2.     Customer opens Settings -> Integration section and selects Mojo Integration

3.     After clicking on the Connect with Mojo button the Mojo Authentication page is opened for the customer to input his Mojo Pin, Login and Password

a.     Potential Error: due to limitations in further dialler operations Dialing rep-permission level Mojo agents should not be connected to BoomTown. As of now we allow this but will block once the demo this week is over.

5.     At this point, if no errors were encountered the customer can start using the integration

a.     Potential Error: if the Mojo account is already connected with a different Boomtown account, the process will fail to proceed, until the currently connected BoomTown account signs out (revokes) the integration. This can be done by using the Revoke Integration button in the BoomTown Settings -> Integration -> Mojo Integrationsection


 2. Syncing Contacts to Mojo 

Once step 1 (Initial Setup) is successfully completed the customer can sync contacts to Mojo.

The steps to syncing contacts to Mojo:


1.     Within Lead Central of their BoomTown account the customer selects a set of contacts

2.     With the contacts selected the customer clicks Call with Mojo Dialer button

3.     A popup appears with the existing Mojo Groups, an option to Create new Group in Mojo. The customer must select an existing one or create a new one. This group will be the one into which the contacts selected in the previous step are placed within Mojo.

4.     Upon the opening of the popup in the previous step a request is sent to Mojo, pulling in all of the customers groups and their contact counts. If the customer selects to create a new group a request is sent to create a new group in Mojo

5.     Once the group is selected/created the contacts are sent to Mojo. Fields that are synced - name, address, phones, emails, misc fields (if any), notes.

6.     After the contacts are successfully sent to Mojo a popup appears in BoomTown. Clicking on it will open a link to Mojo. The customer would land in the powerdialer section of Mojo with the group pre-selected. If all necessary settings are already set-up (for example callback message, VM message, etc) the customer can click Start Dialing and proceed with his dialing session.

7.     Also for contacts synced from BoomTown a new tab next to misc fields is available. It displays an iframe with a web view of the BoomTown contact page.

8.     The BoomTown iframe is not controlled by us in any way - we simply display the web link sent with each contact. Actions that can be done within that iframe are executed on BoomTown servers. Mojo code is not involved in what happens within the iframe.


3. Syncing Contacts and Contact Updates to BoomTown

2-way sync is now available with boomtown. The idea of 2-way sync consists of 2 activities. The first is syncing of a contact to BoomTown and the second is syncing of call logs and contact changes to BoomTown.

 The steps to syncing contacts to BoomTown:

 1.     If a customer’s Mojo account is connected to a Boomtown account, a Send to Boomtown button appears in the contact form.

2.     Clicking on this button will send the contact to BoomTown. Name, address, phones, e-mails are sent.

The steps to syncing call logs and contact changes to BoomTown:

1.     When a contact that originated from BoomTown or has been sent to BoomTown is called within a dialing session, the call result is sent to Boomtown

2.     The note left in the call, the actual call result and duration of call are sent to BoomTown after a call result button is pressed

3.     When a phone is edited or new phone added in Mojo to a BoomTown contact the updated information is sent to BoomTown

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