Exporting Data

Access levels that can Export Data:

  • Owner
  • Super User (With permission granted by the owner, which can be done in the Account section under the Agents tab)

General Export Info:

  • Less than 100,000 records can be exported at a time.
  • You can select which fields you like to export upon choosing to export.
  • Exporting can be done from the Data and Dialer section.

Limitations Based on Data Type:

  • User-inputted data: You are able to export any of your own data that you have brought into Mojo either via importing a spreadsheet, integration posting, or manual contact creation.
  • Mojo Expired data, FSBO (For Sale By Owner), FRBO (For Rent By Owner), Pre-foreclosure:  Any information available can be exported, there are no limits for the total amount of exports.
  • Mojo Neighborhood Search: Phone numbers and email addresses will NOT be exported. Only name, address, and user-inputted information such as notes.
  • Mojo Skip Tracer: Contact information provided by Skip Tracer as well as user-inputted information can be exported.  A limit of 3000 records with Skip Traced contact information can be exported per calendar month. 

*Please Note: Mojo is contractually obligated to limit some of the exporting of its various data feeds. Mojo Leadstore Subscription Data is intended to be used within the Mojo program. Any abuse found by our exporting algorithms will result in immediate account termination and loss of data.*


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