Action Plan Overview

Action Plans are a series of follow up steps that you can create and name. The steps which can be used in action plans are; follow up calls, drip email, tasks, letters and labels. You can have action plans that ONLY consist of drip email step, or follow up call steps, or you can mix and match all of the various action types. 

Once you have created an action plan

  • You can assign them to a contact one at a time.
  • You can do a bulk assignment to an entire list, group or selection of contacts in a list or a group.
  • Once the Action Plan is assigned all steps will be automatically scheduled for the contact(s).
  • Mojo will remind you of when steps are due in the Calendar area of the system.
  • You can complete each action by: making follow-up calls using the dialer, mass printing letters and labels, and completing tasks, and drip emails will be sent automatically without you having to remember to send them out yourself.

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