Skip Tracer

Skip Tracer is Mojo's service for completing data in contact records for missing names, Home phone numbers, Cell Phone numbers, Email Addresses, and property tax information.  If a match is found in our database, contact records are updated with the missing name, phone number, and Email. Click the Buy Now button to subscribe to this feature.

Use the following procedure to purchase the Skip Tracer  service after logging in with a Mojo owner's account:

  1. Click the Leadstore button.
  2. Click the Subscribe button. 
  3. Select the number of months to purchase and click the Buy Now button.
  4. Click the Buy Now button on the confirmation dialog to complete the purchase.

Using Skip Tracer

Mojo's Skip Tracer feature is an optional Leadstore service that allows you to populate missing names,  phone numbers, emails and find property tax information for contacts in your database.  For example, if one of your records only has the address, Skip Tracer will attempt to find the record's owner and phone number in our database to complete your lead information. 

Use the following procedure to use the service after you've added Skip Tracer to your account:

  1. Select the Data & Dialer button.
  2. To look up contact information on an existing record: Double-click a contact and click the Skip Tracer button on the Contact Details screen. Select whether you want to scrub against the Federal Do Not Call list and proceed with your look up. Any available information we can find will populate on the contact.
  3. If you would like to run a batch lookup: Single click on the list or group in the Data and Dialer screen. Click the Skip Tracer button located below the  Power Dialer button.
  4.  Choose Batch Lookup or One Time LookUp.
  5. If you select One Time Lookup, enter the address information of the property, select whether you want to scrub against the Do Not Call list and click Lookup. If we are able to find information, you will be prompted to save the contact.
  6. If you select Batch Look Up, Mojo will then validate your data to make sure you have missing or incomplete addresses.
  7. Once the Validation is complete we will display how many properties we will be able to Skip Trace for you. Click Continue to proceed with your Skip Trace.
  8. Next, you will select additional Skipping Selections and choose whether you would like to scrub against the Federal DNC list and/or ignore previously searched records.
  9. Click continue to run the Skip Tracer. This will process your list and find any available phone numbers, email addresses, and property tax information.
  10. After the Skip Trace is finished you will see a rundown of what was found.
  11. After you have completed your Skip Trace each contact that we found information for will have a note on the contact with a brief description of what was found.
  12. If we found information on your contact(s) there will be a new tab on the contact labeled Property. This tab will include property tax information. 


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