What is the difference between a lists and groups

The Mojo workflow and lead process is based on the following: 

1. A calling list includes leads/properties/contacts that have not been contacted (new leads). 

2. A group includes leads/properties/contacts with have been contacted, and require categorization (such at warm lead, hot lead, Follow Up in 30, Follow Up in January) OR contain contacts that there is a previous relationship with such as (SOI, Past Clients, Have Mets etc.). 

Here are a few examples of how this workflow can be used: 

Agent A subscribes to Mojo Expired leads. Every day, their new properties/contacts get automatically posted in to their Properties Calling List. Agent A, calls on these properties every day (Expired, Cancelled, Withdrawn etc.) and as they get them on the phone, they qualify them, and put them in the correct group category. Contacts that say they are holding off until late Summer to re-list, are put in to the group 'Late Summer'. This ensures that Agent A won't recall this person tomorrow during normal prospecting, and will categorize the contact in to a 'time frame' of when to call back, Late Summer. 

Agent B is circle prospecting with the Mojo Neighborhood Search. Agent B downloads the West Side of their city in to a calling list, West Side. Agent B calls this list, and when they find someone who is considering moving in the next 90 days, they put them in the Warm Lead group, and continue dialing. When Agent B finds someone looking to move in the next 30 days, they put the contact in the Hot Lead group. This workflow allows Agent B to quickly categorize thier leads based on the leads motivation, which helps them focus their follow up calling time by sense of urgency. 

Agent C has imported their SOI from their CRM system. Their goal is to contact and speak to their SOI every quarter. Agent C decides to import their SOI in to a group, SOI. This helps keep their other lead data separate of their SOI data. They call on the SOI data and when they make contact, they leave the SOI in the original SOI group, but make notes on the record, send email etc. 

The basic default power dialing flow is: 

1.Property Calling List => Groups. (Hot Lead, Dead Lead etc.) 
2.Calling Lists => Groups (Hot Lead, Dead Lead etc.) 
3.Groups => Groups (Existing group) 

There are no limits on group creation in Mojo, and you can create as many groups as you'd like to better categorize your leads based on sense of urgency, time frame, months, years, etc. 

Check out our tips videos section for an upcoming explainer video with best tips.

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