Connecting to approved vendors (One Way Data Posting)

You can post data directly to Mojo from approved Lead vendors. At the time of this article, our approved lead vendors include: 

1. The Redx

2. Vulcan 7

3. My +Plus Leads

4. Cole Information

5. Telelisting

6. Benepath

7. Kunversion

8. Prime Seller Leads

9. Precise Leads

10. My Plus Leads

11. Data Concierge

12. Landvoice

Your Vendors will require your Mojo Posting PIN. This is a 10 digit PIN unique to your account.

  1. Click the Account link by clicking Menu on the bottom left of your Mojo. (Owners account only).
  2. Highlight and copy your 10-character/digit Posting PIN. 

   3. Once you have your Posting PIN number, you can call one of our approved vendors and they will authenticate your Mojo account, and begin posting data to your account. For more information on how each vendor works, please contact our support department at 877-859-6656.

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