Using Power Dialer

Prerequisites:  Configure Account Features, Settings and Import Data 

Use the following procedure to access the Mojo Power Dialer functionality:

  1. Select the Property List, Calling List, Group you want to call.
  2. Click the Power Dialer button. 
  3. Select your Dialing Configuration components (Call Settings, Easy Calling Mode, optional dialing filters) and click the Start Dialing button.
  4. Click the Start Power Dialer button to begin the calling session.
  5. Connect to the dialing server using one of the following methods:
    • Wait for a call (if using the Call Me optional account feature).
    • Call in to the phone number listed and enter the PIN when prompted. 

  6. Select a Call Result for each live answer/connection dialed and move the contact to a Group (or new List) if necessary. 

    • Contact - you made significant contact with the person you were looking for.
    • No Contact (Next Number- You did not make significant contact with the person you were looking for and would like to try their secondary number immediately.
    • No Contact (Next Record) - You did not make significant contact with the person you were looking for and you want to dial a different record, skipping over any secondary numbers.
    • Voicemail - Clicking this enables you to drop a pre-recorded message on an answering machine or voicemail or if you do not have a pre-recorded message this will indicate you reached and left a (live) verbal message.  Clicking this means you will be leaving a (live) verbal message vs a pre-recorded message.
    • Bad Number - Click this when reaching a wrong number, disconnected number, or fax line. It will delete the number from the contact's detail and if there is a secondary number will try them immediately on that number.
    • DNC Contact - Marking a record as DNC contact will flag all numbers on the contact as DNC which will not allow the numbers to be imported or dialed again in Mojo.
    • DNC Number - This will make just the phone number they are connected to as DNC and this will hammer down onto a secondary number.
  7. Note: To remove a contact from a Group, select the new Group to add it to and then select the old Group to remove it from (or select a List which will also remove it from the Group - Mojo doesn't allow records to be in both a List and Group).  

    From this screen you can also select one of the following: 
    1. Stop button - end the dialing session, but remain logged into the dialing server.
    2. Pause button - to temporarily stop the dialing session for 6-7 minutes (if the session is not resumed after 6-7 minutes, the session will be automatically disconnected).
    3. Hang Up button - to disconnect from a call.
  8. Click the OK button on the confirmation dialog box when all numbers have been dialed 
  9. When finish dialing click the red X icon on the top right of the screen (just above the Calling Profile), or start a new calling session by selecting new Call Settings and the Start Dialing button.

If you have setup your Social setting for social media interactions, you will be prompted to post to Facebook and/or Twitter (depending on which you have setup) with your Mojo Power Dialing statistics: 


If you need to immediately redial a contact you can use our Redial feature while power dialing. 

Use the following procedure to use our redial feature:

  1. While still connected to the contact that you wish to Redial, click the Redial button.
  2. When the Redial button is clicked, it will turn red to remind you that you will be redialing this number. If you decide not to redial the number you can click the button again and the button will change back to its original color.
  3. When you click a call result to finish the call you were on, Mojo will begin to redial the specified contact and you will be notified of the redial attempt in the dialing box.


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