How to Cancel Your Account

All account cancellations are done within your Mojo account. Due to acceptance of the cancellation terms and conditions, we do NOT take cancellation requests via email, phone, or our ticketing system. Users must follow the instructions below to cancel their accounts.

Please note: If you are going on vacation or if you don't need to use your Mojo Power Dialer for a while (i.e., need to dial only during certain seasons), you may change to our basic subscription for $10 per month to save your data until you need to start Power Dialing again.

If you no longer need your Mojo month-to-month subscription, you may cancel it online:  

  1. While logged in as the owner of the account Select Menu located on the bottom left of the Mojo screen. 
  2. Select the Account button   
  3. Select the Billing or Subscriptions tab on the left of the page  
  4. Select Cancel button
  5.  Follow the instructions on the subsequent screens to complete the cancellation process. 


The cancellation will take effect following your next billing date; you many continue to use the platform for the remaining amount of time before your next billing date..

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