Call Recording

The Call Recording report displays a list of call recordings made while dialing with Mojo. This report is only active if the user is subscribed to the optional Call Recording feature. All calls with the last call result of Contact, DNC Contact and DNC Number are recorded and displayed in this report with the following information.

 Agent Name, Contact Full Name, Duration, Call Result, Date

 Use the following procedure to view your list of Call Recordings:

  1. Click the Reports Button
  2. Click the Call Recording link
  3. Select Agent(s) and select a time frame. The report will automatically display
  4. Click a Play button to listen to a recording, You are able to pause the recording or use your mouse to move forward or backward on the recording.

Call recordings may also be accessed from individual contact records under History at the bottom of the screen.

Downloading Call Recordings 

All call recordings are saved in Mojo for 90 days so if you would like to keep your recordings for longer than that you will want to download them. Call recordings can be downloaded as an MP3 audio file format for use outside the Mojo system.

Use the following procedure to download your call recordings:

  1. Click the Reports button
  2. Click the Call Recording report to display the list
  3. Click on the recording you would like to download, or check the box to select all. Click the download button to save the recordings onto your computer.

(Once the file is saved it can be played using any media player that supports mp3 format)

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