Mojo Data Use Case and Unauthorized Use Prevention

Recent audits uncovered clients using our data outside the agreed terms at sign-up. These violations jeopardize our entire lead delivery platform, risking termination by our partners who have specific acceptable use cases. These narrow use cases enable us to acquire high-quality data at a discount, benefiting our customers. Specifically, Mojo Neighborhood Search and Skip Tracer data fall within this limited scope.

To address this issue, we will take the following steps:

  1. Review and strengthen our terms of service to clearly outline acceptable use cases and the consequences of non-compliance.
  2. Communicate with the clients who breached the terms, reminding them of the agreed-upon use cases and emphasizing the importance of adherence.
  3. Enhance monitoring and auditing procedures to identify any unauthorized data usage.
  4. Implement measures to prevent unauthorized transfers of Neighborhood Search and Skip Tracer data, such as blocking middleware programs and limiting exporting from the Mojo system.
  5. Work with our providers to enable controlled exporting for typical use cases, allowing data transfer through middleware and direct integration.

We expect to have an agreement in place near future which will allow us to send Neighborhood Search and Skip tracer data via middleware and direct integrations using a modified approach more inline with our clients needs. 

We appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues while prioritizing the interests of our customers and Mojo's reputation.


-The Mojo Management Team