Tips for the best resultes using Skip Tracer

There are problems that can arise with data files that are problematic for Mojo's Skip Tracer. Additionally, there are tips to consider for the best append performance. 

While no appending service will return to you 100% results, the following tips will help you achieve the best results while using Mojo's Skip Tracer.

1. Make sure the addresses in your data files are formatted correctly. They need to have separate Street, City, State and Zip Code fields. Be careful not to import these fields incorrectly, for example, all address attributes in to the street address field in Mojo. 

2. Ignore the P.O. Boxes. These are not part of our dataset so we cannot append these using Reverse Look Up. If you have both street address and P.O. Box in your data files, be sure to import the street address.

3. Keep it to residential homeowner data. Commercially owned properties and bank owned properties will have low success. Other owner types which will have low hit rates are trusts, investor owned, limited liability companies and estates.

4. When working with absentee owners, you will ordinarily have both a property address and a mailing address in your file. It is important to map these addresses appropriately in Mojo. Street address needs to go in the Property Address area of Mojo and mailing address needs to go in to the Mailing Address area. When running Skip Tracer, it's important to choose to look up the mailing address in this scenario. This will ensure you are calling the homeowner and not the tenant.

5. Set the proper expectations. As we've stated earlier, no data append service will append your data 100%. 

There are also other considerations which will impact your success. For example, distressed properties may meet the address validation we require, and have a complete street address, however, the nature of the property may indicate our dataset does not have the owner information. 

Our dataset is updated daily, with additions, deletes and updates. Owners of distressed properties often vacate the property and fall out of our data set until they resolve their situation. 

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions related to these tips of the use of Mojo's Skip Tracer, please give our support folks a call. 

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