I am getting an error when importing a file, what do I do?

These errors are usually the result of file formatting problems, and can most often be resolved by re-saving the file to a different file type.  The preferred file format for Mojo imports is a comma separated value (*.csv) or a Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *xlsx) file type. 

If the file type is not the problem, check your file for the following:

  • Each phone number must be contained within one cell (i.e., 5555555555 not the area code in one cell and the rest of the number in another cell)
  • All phone numbers must be in the same format either 5555555555 or (555) 555-5555
  • Do not use 1+ in front of phone numbers
  • Address data must be contained in one cell (number, direction, and street name contained within one cell)
  • File size for imports is limited to less than 5 MB (split the file if necessary)
  • File data should be left-justified in the cells
  • Special characters in the data may cause problems (remove all special characters where possible)

If you are still having problems with your import, please open a ticket with our Mojo support staff.

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