The Dialer is filtering out

There are times when you begin to start a dialing session that you will see an alert showing Mojo is filtering out data from your session.

Many times this is appropriate because this is what you've asked Mojo to do using our optional dialing filters. 

If you want to allow this filtered data, here's what to do: 

In the box alerting you to the filtered data, choose 'Clear Filters'. This will pop up a grid showing you the filters being applied and the amount of records affected. You can clear the filters of your choice from this screen. 

There are two scenarios where filtered data cannot be addressed in the above method: 

1. If you are using the EZ Calling Mode: Call where I last left off, you will need to restart session and choose EZ calling mode: Call from top to bottom.

2. If you are trying to send data to the dialer that is being filtered by zone guard, you will need to exit your dialer session, go to Settings > Power Dialer> Zone Guard and shut it off. Be careful though, Zone Guard protects you from dialing folks outside of your set limits. 

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