Data Organization Basics

Lists are for unqualified leads; people you’ve never talked to and qualified before. There are potentially two sections for lists – Properties Calling List and Calling Lists.

Properties Calling List is of unqualified leads that are posted from a vendor (Mojo Expired, Vulcan 7, RedX, Landvoice or My +Plus Leads. These leads filter to any sublists they qualify for (Expired, Cancelled, FSBO, etc.) 

*If you are not in Real Estate or getting data posted by one of these vendors, you may not have Properties Calling List.

Calling Lists are lists that you create either by importing a spreadsheet, using Neighborhood Search, or syncing from Coles, Landvoice FSBO, or Telelisting. These should only have unqualified leads in them.

Groups are for organizing your qualified contacts. As you call through a list and actually get someone on the phone you are able to qualify, you’ll want to assign them to any groups you’ve qualified them for. This removes them from the call list so they aren’t mixed in with your unqualified leads. They give you the ability to organize leads based on your conversation with them and how you will continue to nurture these contacts. You can use our default groups (Hot Lead, Warm Lead, Not Yet Interested, etc.) or create your own. Some people are more simple (Yes, No, Maybe) some get more specific; whatever your preferences are for organizing and nurturing your contacts. You can call through your groups and re-assess the group assignments each time you have a conversation with your contacts, then add them to or remove them from groups as you determine from your conversation.

Sublists are a way for you to extract data from a specific list or group that meets certain criteria. 

Note: the data is not actually removed from the call list or group. You can have multiple sublists with different criteria for the same list and leads may appear in multiple sublists if they meet the set criteria. 

An example would be a sublist of your Expired Property List of leads in the city Boston. 

Only leads in the city Boston would appear in the sublist. These leads would remain in the Expired Property List with all your other leads, but by creating a sublist, you now have the ability to focus only on Boston properties. 

Sublists can be created by any value shown in the main data grid. If you do not see the field(s) you want to create a sublist with, you can choose to add/remove columns in the data grid.

Folders are used to organize your calling lists or groups, whether it’s because you have a team of agents on your account and want each user to have a folder for their unique call lists/groups or want to organize your lists/groups into specific categories, or maybe you just have a lot of lists/groups and you want to tidy up a bit. 

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