I purchased Mojo Expired data and no data is showing up

First, it's important to know where the data will show up. Make sure you're looking for it in the Properties Lists inside the Mojo Data/Dialer area. 

If you've confirmed you're looking in the correct area, then here are some other things that can help: 

1. Our expired data pushes every day around 6am in your location. Therefore, if you subscribe at 3pm your time, you won't see any data populate until the following morning. 

2. You've selected the wrong MLS name in settings. If you've chosen the incorrect MLS  while setting up your Expired data, then you will not receive data because it's likely the cities/zip codes you chose for data do not line up with the MLS. 

3. The recurring payment for the service did not go through and you need to update your payment information to begin receiving data again.

Open in Mojo Support Hub