Importing hyperlinks with your files

Mojo allows you to import hyperlinks when doing lead imports. 

These hyperlinks will allow you to access webpages from your contact forms. When click on, a new browser tab will open allowing you to see the information at the hyperlinked page.

The process is easy: 

1. Make sure your hyperlinked field in your import file includes either http:// or https:// prefixes before the URL (www.).

2. During the import, if you have not already done so, you will need to have a custom field created to accept the field. You can do this by 'Add New Misc Field' button below the mapping area. 

3. Map the hyperlinked field to the newly created field. 

If you've already created the field prior to importing, simply map the hyperlinked field to the field you've chosen. 

The hyperlink will now be available to you in the Misc Fields pane on the contact form - available to you to click on when reviewing or speaking to a contact. 

Additional value is created when you add this new hyperlinked field column to your data view. You can then look at your lists and groups of contacts in grid view and click on the hyper links easily without opening the contact.

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