Infusionsoft Integration Manual

To test the integration you need to connect your Mojo account with Infusionsoft.

1. In the Mojo settings go to "Integrations" -> "Infusionsoft".

2. Click on "Connect with Infusionsoft" -> "Grant access”. Enter your Infusionsoft credentials in the new page which has popped up:

Sync from Infusionsoft: 

Once you have connected with Infusionsoft, you will see an "INFUSIONSOFT" button on "DATA & DIALER" page.

To import from Infusionsoft, press this button and select the tags you want to import contacts from. You can select multiple tags in each category. 

Sync to Infusionsoft: 

To send a contact to Infusionsoft: 
1. Open the contact screen. 
2. Click on the "Actions" button

After you synced contacts to Infusionsoft, you can view them there by going to My Nav (click on the arrow from the left side) -> CRM -> Contacts. 

Or using a search in the top right corner. 


If you update a contact in Infusionsoft with a new address, city, state, zip, name or add/edit/delete phones and emails we will sync changes to Mojo. Also, we will send these changes to Infusionsoft if contact changes in the same way within Mojo. 

Contact notes, tasks and appointments syncing also works in two ways (from Mojo to Infusionsoft and back). You can add/edit/delete note, task or appointment to the synced contacts in one system and changes will be synced to another system. 

When you select a call result after the call we send a note to Infusionsoft containing a date and a call result. 

When you assign/remove linked contact to/from the linked with Infusionsoft group, we assign/remove this group/tag in Infusionsoft. 
When you assign a not linked contact to the linked group, we link this contact with Infusionsoft.

In Infusionsoft we also update contact tags during mass assign linked contacts to the linked groups in Mojo. 
During mass assign linked contacts to the list in Mojo, we un-assign all tags from contacts in Infusionsoft.

We move contacts to Uncategorized Infusionsoft group when you remove all tags in Infusionsoft from contacts. 

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